Performing and Creative Arts

We are born with our own kind of creativity, and children love finding new and exciting ways to express themselves!

Our visual and performing arts programme gives each child opportunities to find their own creative voice by developing their confidence to sing, dance, speak, draw, paint, sculpt and generally create in any way that means something to them.

Each term culminates in a fun community exhibition or performance to showcase our children's amazing creativity.

Care for our Youngest Ones

Our little ones under 2yrs have their own team of specialist teachers, and a space designed for their unique needs, including separate bedrooms.

Their loving teachers design a daily programme that recognises their individual stage of development and supports their growth and learning with fun activities and experiences.

In keeping with our family philosophy, they have easy access to the rest of the centre too, and are able to see their older buddies through the day.

Community Focused

We love bringing our Fame Family together!

You might meet us at the beach for takeaways, bring a plate to our cultural dinner, enjoy a leisurely mums' lunch (kid-free!), or even pitch a tent on our camping trip. Whenever you join in, you're sure to make friends with more of our Fame Family.

We want to ensure you have the support of our whole community, and that means lots of fun together - end of term art exhibitions, shows, Christmas parties.... 

So much more than just childcare!

Quality Education

We put a lot of work in behind the scenes to plan learning opportunities that follow our children's interests, and extend their knowledge. 

The activities available around the centre give all children autonomy to opt-in to things they're interested in, and learn through guided fun and play.

We have group times with lots of songs, games and stories to bring them together with others of a similar age.

As children grow, we incorporate a bit more structure, and our 4 year olds enjoy a fantastic transition to school programme to ensure they are ready for their next big adventure.

Amazing Spaces to Explore

Children love to explore and have fun in so many ways. We have thoughtfully designed special spaces for all the physical activities, and creative expression you can imagine! 

Our large open spaces, inside and out, offer children endless inspiration for their play and learning.

Awesome Teachers

Our wonderful team will take the time to get to know your family, your culture and what's important to you, so that we can care for you individually.

We keep our teacher ratios high to make sure we have lots of time for each child, and this also ensures our team are happy and well supported.

We are all here for the right reason - to love and care for your child as one of our own!

Check out our fun Lockdown Dance Challenge Video!

We start with Wellbeing

"It is my deep belief that if we enable children to feel loved, stable and safe in their preschool environment, everything else will follow with ease.” 

Lana (teacher, mum, owner of Fame)